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06-05-19, 20:06
Have been trying to follow an Australian branch and have a passenger list but can't work out what or where it is....Pomar Lower B?

Can anyone help me out?
many thanks as always


06-05-19, 22:43
is the small print saying it should be a country? sorry I am no help.

looks like bieudetine did google and found some strange link appeared to be in Finnish

06-05-19, 23:05
it's a Canadian passenger list for May Gavin Brown and just says in transit. Her half sister has connections in Fiji.


Passenger list


07-05-19, 12:11
With her last permanent address being in Townsville (North Queensland), Australia I think they are refering to Pomar, Lower Burdekin.

The Lower Burdekin refers to the area around the delta / mouth of the Burdekin River about 90kms south of Townsville which runs between the towns of Ayr on the northern side & Home Hill on the southern side.

Home Hill was not settled until a couple of years after 1910, the land being part of Inkerman Station. I have not heard of "Pomar" before & I have lived in the district for most of my life. I think it could possibly be the name of a property.

07-05-19, 12:20
Thanks Vivian, makes perfect sense after looking at the new information I have about the extended family.

07-05-19, 13:13
Agree with Vivian’s interpretation of the place, but wondering whether Pomar could be the name of a person. Google indicates that this name is scattered world wide with about 50,000 seperate families.

07-05-19, 20:56
Thanks David, she was in England 1930's but this is the only passenger list I have found so far and didn't know the cousin.

07-05-19, 21:52
Have just found her other half sister's will, she lived at Pioneer Plantation, Lower Burdekin, death 1907.

Anne in Carlisle
07-05-19, 22:29
Looks as though the list was copied by a clerk who couldn't manage to read the original form submitted by the passenger and just did the best they could. A bit like Ancestry transcriptions today! LOL

07-05-19, 22:32
Absolutely Anne!

07-05-19, 23:33
Oh well, there goes another beautiful theory.:D we tend to forget that in the late nineteenth, early twentieth century most people had only the most basic education and some of their spelling was phonetic at best. Believe me, after transcribing well over half a million ship passenger names for the WA gen society I think I understand.

09-05-19, 02:06
Have just found her other half sister's will, she lived at Pioneer Plantation, Lower Burdekin, death 1907.

As she was living at Pioneer Plantation, her husband must have been one of the employees at the Pioneer Sugar Mill, who lived in housing provided on the estate. The Pioneer Sugar Mill was constructed in the 1880s and is still in production.

09-05-19, 10:20
I'm still working my way through the papers more than anything at the moment, this is their marriage

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848-1954) Saturday 23 April 1892
DOUGLAS-BROWN-DYER. -On the 21st inst., at Holy Trinity Church, East Melbourne, by the Rev. W. H. Hindley, T. Douglas Brown, Suva, Fiji, second son of Thos.Brown, Milford, England to Ada Alexandra, second daughter of the late Henry Dyer, Melbourne.

her mother's second marriage was to Gavin Gibb Brown so plenty of Browns!

Also another ref to Pioneer

Table Talk Melbourne, Vic. Thu 2 Aug 1900
Mrs. Nicholas, her two sons, and brother Mr. Trussell Dyer--are spending the winter with Mrs.Douglas Brown at the " Pioneer Estate," North QueensLand. They go on to Barwon Falls and spend a short time there before returning to Melbourne. Mrs. Nicholas' new residence in St. Kilda-road will then be completed.

20-05-19, 12:12
Well absolutely on cloud 9 as I found The Bungalow that keeps getting mentioned in docs for the family


my Mary Elizabeth Kirkman married Henry Dyer then Gavin Gibb Brown

20-05-19, 16:53
how fab is that, doesn't look much of a bungalow :)