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toby blight
29-04-19, 23:18
Hi everyone. Myrtle May Ford born 1896 apparently went to work on Sept 23, 1922? then disappeared completely. There is an article in a Cornwall newspaper dated 15/1/1923 re an inquest, I dont have a sub so cannot read the whole story.

Have looked for a marriage and death, no luck, she does not appear to have emigrated, nothing on ScotlandsPeople, perhaps eloped to Gretna Green?! Murdered?

Difficult one this, any help would be appreciated, any other interesting details in the newspaper article?

Val wish Id never started
29-04-19, 23:43
is this her in 1911

Roskear Crofts Camborne, Camborne, Cornwall, England

Jethro George Ford Head Married Male 40 1871 Tin Miner Camborne Cornwall
Mary Ford Wife Married Female 40 1871 - Illogan Cornwall
Myrtle May Ford Daughter Female 14 1897 Tin Stream Work Camborne Cornwall
Fredrick John Ford Son Male 12 1899 School Camborne Cornwall
Louie Ford Daughter Female 11 1900 School Camborne Cornwall
William Ford Son Male 10 1901 School Camborne Cornwall
Kathleen Maud Ford Daughter Female 3 1908 Camborne Cornwall

Janet in Yorkshire
30-04-19, 00:03
That inquest was on a body washed up on a beach. Mr Ford went to the inquest and asked to see the remains, but was quite sure the remains were NOT of his missing daughter (based on the condition of the teeth.) The coroner thought the remains belonged to a nurse who had also been missing for some time, and whose belongings had been found on a local beach.


Val wish Id never started
30-04-19, 00:09
where did you find that Janet?

Janet in Yorkshire
30-04-19, 00:20
A newspaper report. Nothing further about what might have happened to Myrtle came up in a search up to the end of the 1920's. Seems to have been rather a strange case - she was employed as a daily servant, left work to go home but never arrived. Lots of searches were carried out; several possible sightings of her, complained to her employer about a headache, wore a bandage and said she's received medical attention, but it transpired that this fact was untrue. Awful for her parents to never know what happened to her.


Val wish Id never started
30-04-19, 00:33
yes must have been hard for them.

Janet in Yorkshire
30-04-19, 00:42
I know people could be declared legally "missing, presumed dead" if still not located after seven years. However, I don't know whether or not a death certificate (and registration of death) could be issued - I suspect not. I'm sure forum member Antony M would be able to give us information on that point.


Janet in Yorkshire
30-04-19, 00:49

There's some information here about procedures when people are missing and cannot be traced.


toby blight
30-04-19, 06:02
Thks Val, yes, that is the family in 1911.

toby blight
30-04-19, 06:06
Thks Janet, very interesting, perhaps murdered and thrown down a old mine shaft, will have to remain a mystery.

30-04-19, 08:01

This marriage?

Name: Myrtle M Ford
Registration Date: Jul 1929
Registration Quarter: Jul-Aug-Sep
Registration district: Truro
Inferred County: Cornwall
Spouse: Harold M J Gummow
Volume Number: 5c
Page Number: 254

and she appears on the 1939 register as well as a death. Truro isn't that far from Redruth/Camborne


Olde Crone Holden
30-04-19, 09:20
Nice one Julie! Looks good.


30-04-19, 09:21
I think that one is this Myrtle MARY Ford b 1903 Julie. Father William.
The birth for Myrtle Mary Gummow is given as 1902 on 1939 Register.

Olde Crone Holden
30-04-19, 09:22
Oh, shame!


Janet in Yorkshire
30-04-19, 09:56
As there were newspaper articles over several weeks, I think that if the "missing" lady had eventually turned up/been found, then that would have featured in the papers. She was allegedly seen walking in woodlands, where there were lots of old mineshafts. These were searched and a local reservoir partially drained, all to no avail. No mention of any physical evidence to suggest that she may have met with foul play - one of the policemen leading the search suggested that she may have fallen into the sea and been washed miles away. There were hints about her mental state possibly being unstable, leading to her wandering around and succumbing to a mishap. And yes, there was another Myrtle Ford who also featured in the newspapers in the late 1920's.

ETA - I have a similar scenario in my tree - "16 Jan 1925 - probate Norwich granted to James Philip Guthrie of no occupation & Hannah Maria Guthrie spinster. Katherine Mary Guthrie died on or since 28 June 1924 effects £1994 - 16s - 10p." Katherine left her home in Yarmouth and went out for a walk. She had had a nervous breakdown and was never seen again.


30-04-19, 13:20
wow.. how unfortunate.. to have two with the same name in the same area.. blooming unlucky.

that must be so horrible.... to be left 'in limbo' :(

toby blight
30-04-19, 21:18
Also found the "other" Myrtle, looked good for a while, but alas!