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29-04-19, 10:15
Could anyone find out what happened to James Henderson Collier, b 1825 ,Canongate ,Midlothian . Father Mansfield Collier. I believe he emigrated to Australia .I found him in 1867 ,New South Wales with references to possible criminal records. Was he imprisoned or even executed ?


Sylvia C
30-04-19, 00:34
??????????? Possible ?????????

from FMP


Victoria Inward Passenger Lists 1839-1923
James Henderson 28 1826 Scotch Left Greenock
Arrived Melbourne August 1854 on ship Hurricane

NO NO NO .......... probably not, image shows occupation as BAKER, and accompanied by "Mrs" (no name), age 24 and child age 1 month

NOTE:- I had to move 3 pages on from the image that appeared before finding the correct one.

I'll leave it on so rule this on out.

30-04-19, 07:55
there is a missing report here:

Name James Henderson Collier
Birth Year abt 1825
Age 42
Place New South Wales,
Event Type Missing Person
Publication Date 27 Feb 1867

A gaol Location and arrival in Australia but born London but maybe not him ?:

Name: James Collier
Birth Place: London, England
Arrival year: 1852
Arrival Country: Australia
Vessel Arrived In: Duke of Wellington
Date of Admission/Photo: 10 Sep 1857
Gaol: Darlinghurst
Gaol Location: Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia
Record Type: Description Book

he is a tailor???

30-04-19, 08:18
Another maybe?
https://www.ancestry.co.uk/interactive/60883/44407_b219503-00215?pid=43374&backurl=https://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv%3D1%26dbid%3D60883%26h%3D43374%26ssr c%3Dpt%26tid%3D28405377%26pid%3D190196763232%26use PUB%3Dtrue&ssrc=pt&treeid=28405377&personid=190196763232&hintid=&usePUB=true&usePUBJs=true
Discharged from Tasmanian Gaol at George Town Dec 1881 after 1 month for being idle and disorderly. Born Scotland 1825. Blind in left eye.

30-04-19, 14:11
Kat, that certainly seems like him . Wonder where he was between 1867 and 1881? I tried Trove but nothing is coming up. Know the feeling Sylvia ! Once followed a family for 3 months then discovered I was barking up the wrong tree.


30-04-19, 23:54
There is a James Collier in the Tasmanian convict records. Tried at Edinburgh May 1845 and transported for 7 years for housebreaking & theft. Arrived 30 Dec 1845 aged 19, Native Place stated as Edinburgh. Ship name given as Prestongee Bomangee, so its the same person as the 1881 report

More info here, if you're feeling rich: https://www.scottishindexes.com/jcdetail.aspx?jcid=1845413&pid=184541395

Address given here as Carrubbers Close, High Street, Edinburgh, occupation: typefounder: https://www.scottishindexes.com/adentry.aspx?adid=845009

01-05-19, 01:58
Good finds teasie. Have bookmarked the Scottish Indexes site. Not seen that one before. :)

01-05-19, 19:37
Thanks Teasie for great info .on James .He seems to have had a troubled life