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Val wish Id never started
25-04-19, 20:03
might be useful

We’re about to implement a pretty exciting change and thought you should know in advance.

From 1 July, the deceased ancestors in everyone’s trees will become shareable. Which means other members may receive hints about the dead ancestors in your tree. They’ll only be shared between members who have common ancestry – likely, a distant relative. Making family-tree building a more conducive, collaborative experience.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance... Therefore, any information on you or your living relatives will remain private. Equally, no-one else will be able to edit your ancestors’ details or see your tree – just you. So you’ll remain completely in control.

This change is totally optional – if you don't want your ancestors to be shared, just follow the instructions in our FAQs before 1 July. We’ll send you a friendly reminder before that day, just in case.

In the meantime, feel free to have a look at our updated privacy policy.

Best regards,

25-04-19, 20:28
Wonder if it's going to work a bit like Genes Reunited, I used to like their site and the way you got 'Hot Matches' every so often.

Val wish Id never started
25-04-19, 20:50
I hardly ever get any from GR now, think maybe 2 a year, be great if FMP finds any.

25-04-19, 21:08
Finding the answer in the FAQ's isn't as simple as it should be. The only thing I found was this:

"To ensure the content remains private, go to the “Tree settings” option in your Family Tree and un-tick the "Public tree” box"

Except there doesn't seem to be a box that says 'Public Tree'. There's one that says 'Share Deceased Ancestors' which seems to be automatically ticked (which I have now un-ticked) - is this it?

I've been burned by 'name gatherers' on the other well known site, so unless how to NOT share is made clearer then I'll be deleting my tree altogether.

25-04-19, 21:59
I haven't had an email about this July amendment to their T&S's and by rights surely we should have done???

...and yes you have unticked the right box Val. It certainly is not easy to find that information. With Ancestry you are given the option to make your tree private or not as soon as you upload a new tree.

25-04-19, 22:17
so basically it is the same as ancestry now - you just need to choose whether you want it private or not. I don't have problems sharing my tree, but personally I would expect it to be off by default, and would have to turn it on.

Val wish Id never started
25-04-19, 23:39
just tried importing a updated gedcom into FMP took ages , it got to over 8000 people, then said there had been a problem importing it, and to ask for help.

26-04-19, 01:52
The only issue i have with fmp trees, asides from them being quite clunky and visually outdated, is i can't seem to merge individuals. I don'nt know how it happened, but i doubled up on a few people and merging them would be easiest.

Sylvia C
26-04-19, 04:25
I personally think it is going to be much more like Ancestry, where you keep getting those hints and leaves, many of which have nothing to do with your ancestors!

GR has not done Hot Matches or anything like that for several years ......... they barely keep the site maintained.

But, again, I personally think that FMP might also make this new development available over there .......... in which case, anyone who has a tree on there should watch out.

I still have my small tree on GR, and another slightly larger one on Ancestry, but have never put one on FMP. I still have the vast majority of my tree not on any public site.

01-05-19, 10:06
I have only just taken out a subscription with fmp and am building a tree on there but decided to keep it small so only adding on siblings and not partners and their off spring like I have on some other trees I use a they have tended to get to far and wide