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03-04-19, 13:18
Hi all!

Ancestry gave me a hint for a marriage of Thomas Gould (could be a red herring but can't see an alternative either) to Anne Munsclow in 1807, Norton, Worcestershire. However, I can't find her anywhere and Ancestry are giving no hints on her either.

Thomas Gould b. 1783, Hampton (there is a Little and a Great), Worcestershire.
On the 1841 it seems he's living with a lady called Mary Gould and according to this census she's born 1778 in the county.

I can't decide if Anne is Mary or Mary is a marriage after Anne or if the Ancestry hint is just wrong or if her name has been wrongly transcribed - can anyone help?

Thanks :)

Lin Fisher
03-04-19, 14:13

Not getting too far at the moment.

He is on FMP on 1851 as Gold and a widow and 1861 as a widow both Great Littlehampton and an ag lab

Looked to see if Mary when Mary had died. If seems Great Littlehampton in in Evesham district and the only Mary between 1841 and 1851 of the age in Mary Gould died Jun 1844 Evesham aged 69 making her born 1775.

Will keep looking backwards now

Val wish Id never started
03-04-19, 14:16
could this be her
Ann Munslow
residence Place Ribbesford, Worcestershire, England
Gender Female
Christening Date 1776
Christening Date (Original) JAN 1776
Christening Place RIBBSFORD, WORC., ENG.
Father's Name William Munslow
Mother's Name Sarah

Val wish Id never started
03-04-19, 14:22

England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
Ann Munslow
christening: 9 April 1749 Norton Juxta, Worcester, England
residence: England
father: Thomas Munslow
mother: Priscilla
Ann Monslow
England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975

christening: 29 April 1749 Norton By Kemsey, Worcester, England
residence: England
father: Thos. Monslow
mother: Priscilla

Lin Fisher
03-04-19, 14:23
That looks good if the marriage is right, Val.

Just look up and Thomas had a sister Mary bap 25 Dec 1779 Great and Little Hampton. Do you think it could be his sister on the 1841 census?

If that is his marriage to Ann, could it be she was a widow as she would be about 30. Just a suggestion!!

Val wish Id never started
03-04-19, 14:32
I think the 1776 one is more like the right one, I did wonder if she had been married before.

Lin Fisher
03-04-19, 14:52
There is so much speculation when you go this far back and I don't know the area at all.

The death for Mary that I found in 1844. Her burial was at St Nichola Church, North and Middle Littleton so not sure on that now!!

03-04-19, 15:38
Thanks Ladies - the 1776 baptism looks good!
North and Middle Littleton is not far from Hampton which is where it seems Thomas spent most of his life so it could be her - I guess ordering a death cert. would give me husbands name!
I'll try looking for a marriage of an Anne to a Mr Muncslow also in case she was married before I guess.

03-04-19, 16:02
I notice that there is a Mary Smith in the same residence in 1841 - I guess widowed, possibly too old to be first born daughter (as name is Mary), but is she a relation to Mary senior?

Always disappointed to see a name like Smith!

03-04-19, 16:59
Can't see a Anne or Mary Smith marriage to a Mun(c)slow before 1807 so not sure if she is related or not!