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Val wish Id never started
19-03-19, 23:30
The GRO are saying all PDF orders are despatched 4 days after order received, did they say that before ? I hope its true

Lin Fisher
20-03-19, 12:57
I ordered one last Friday and said delivery this Friday, then one on Monday and they said delivery next Monday. You should have a date for delivery on the e-mail you received and they then e-mail you when it is ready to download.

Janet in Yorkshire
20-03-19, 14:23
And they may arrive on Sunday evenings!


Lin Fisher
20-03-19, 14:57

My Friday one has just arrived!!! Brilliant.

Val wish Id never started
20-03-19, 16:57
they reckon mine will be here on the 26th ,hope its quicker

Lin Fisher
22-03-19, 14:11
My Monday one has arrived but the wrong one. Might be putting a thread up later for help. Carters in Yorkshire, a bit like Jones in Wales!!! Yours should be here soon Val.

Val wish Id never started
22-03-19, 16:53
oh no Lin isn't it awful when that happens, yes put a thread up