View Full Version : Effie's wedding: Lost photos mystery solved

10-03-19, 10:15
In case you missed it. A fascinating story of genealogical sleuthing!!


Chrissie Smiff
10-03-19, 11:02
That was really interesting Caroline:)
It reminded me how grateful I am to mum for writing on the back of several photos. Not always obvious who they were at first, but much easier to find with a bit of research. I just wish she had written on them all:)

Val wish Id never started
10-03-19, 21:54
I'm bad Chrissie I have actually written on the back of mine ME, suppose I assumed everyone would know who I was:rotfl:

10-03-19, 22:17
great story

Chrissie Smiff
11-03-19, 09:00
Lol Val:rotfl: Not much use to your descendants then:D

Gwyn in Kent
11-03-19, 09:40
A great story.

The urge to 'hunt' can be very powerful and helpful to others.
On this forum we know how involved we can get with the family of another member.

Good that there were enough clues to work on. I think there must be many of us who have photos with unknown people.
I have a book about hop picking in Herefordshire and was amazed to see what appeared to be a photo of my daughter in there. Even my grandson remarked," That's my Mummy with different clothes on."
It was taken in about 1906 in a village where I have tracked direct family back to at least 1770s. I'd love to know who the girl is.

Val wish Id never started
11-03-19, 16:08
Lol Val:rotfl: Not much use to your descendants then:D

well they have not helped me so I wont help them