View Full Version : Dead ends with Cambridgeshire lines

11-07-18, 15:49

I've hit a dead end with the origins of these individuals. They are:

Thomas Boon and Martha Sheldrake (widow), married in Ingham, Suffolk in 1694 (both of Snailwell)
Thomas Hitchinson and Joanna Reynolds, married in Stapleford in 1690
Susannah Cock - married John Hunt of Elsworth in Kingston in 1688
Richard Dodson and Elizabeth Stewart, married in Swavesey in 1751
Henry Murden and Anne Wellington, married in Knapwell in 1694
William Netherwood and Frances Currant, married in Shepreth in 1706
Mary Newman - married Robert Netherwood in Harston in 1743
Oliver and Mary Picking, christening children in Elsworth in the 1720s
John and Ann Scare, christening children in Sawston in the 1690s
Robert and Elizabeth Simpson, christening children in Soham in the 1680s
Philip Stockwood/Stocker and Elizabeth Pickard, married in Swavesey in 1740

I'd appreciate any help!