View Full Version : Did my parents leave me on a hillside to die?

19-03-18, 08:38
In case you've not seen it, we had links to this story a few years ago - this is the final chapter.


Olde Crone Holden
19-03-18, 12:18
Thanks for that, Caroline. I remember the story and how wonderful that she finally got some answers, even if not the whole story.


Chrissie Smiff
19-03-18, 16:54
Yes, me too, thank you:) It's good to hear the conclusion.

19-03-18, 17:12
just been reading that one and then went onto the link for the other one. Was wondering about the baby left in heathrow airport years ago. I know he has made many appeals and wonder if he has tried DNA testing now to try to make headway

20-03-18, 00:38
I read this earlier today. I'm glad she found out who her parents were, although she'll never know the reasons for the abandonment. DNA testing is certainly able to answer a lot of questions these days.