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toby blight
30-01-18, 07:20
Hello everyone, Matthew Nettle/Nettell born Illogan in 1862, emigrated to the U.S. I have him in the 1900 U.S. Census living in Houghton, Michigan (he died there in 1923)
Could some kind person please give me his details for the 1910 and 1920 census.
Many thanks.

Janet in Yorkshire
30-01-18, 08:59
Is this him in 1920?



30-01-18, 22:45
Were other family members (e.g., siblings or cousins) also in the US? Here's Richard & Caroline Nettle in Portage Twp, Houghton, MI:
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:33S7-9RV5-RRT?i=42&wc=QZZ4-7DX%3A133637101%2C138755601%2C133757601%2C15890890 57%3Fcc%3D1727033&cc=1727033

The US conducted its censuses differently than the UK: the enumerator came to your house and interviewed a family member, and filled out the census form. It took multiple days to do this, so even tho you were supposed to report all persons present on "the" census day, it's easy to be missed on the census.

toby blight
31-01-18, 03:18
Thanks Janet, this is him, age, immigration date etc are correct. I keep forgetting that FamilySearch has the Census! I cannot find him in 1910, have tried name variations with no luck. Perhaps PhotoFamily comment re taking of the census is correct in this case.
Thanks again.

toby blight
31-01-18, 03:22
Hi PF. Matthew,s parents were James and Elizabeth, sister Lydia, I have all the info on them. Your comment regarding the 1910 census taker may be correct in this case, Matthew was single so could have easily been missed.

31-01-18, 04:22
Not sure of your goals? I haven't found them online, but there are Houghton directories (but they might be...)

In US genealogy, finding an obit can be a treasure trove - especially in a small town, newspapers used them to fill up space and sell copies. But perhaps you have one?

And he did report in census records that he had naturalized. I doubt it's online, but also - US naturalization records before 1906 are usually not worth retrieving.

Re: missing in 1910. Since he was a boarder in 1920, it seems likely he was a boarder in 1910. Most likely the boarding house owner/manager gave information - as it was known to that person. You could do a page by page search of the town census - assuming he was there in 1910.

My Cornish miners went to Wisconsin.

toby blight
31-01-18, 05:57
Had a look at F.S Directories, cant find anything there, have not found any obits either, will try again. In 1920 Matthew was living in the Victoria Mine settlement, Ontonagon, who knows where he was in 1910? Where do I look to get a page by page listing of the Victoria Mine Settlement workers in 1910 or say Houghton where he was in 1900?
My goal is to find everything I can about my ancestors so I look at my "Journal" of all family members and then look for something that is missing i.e. the 1910/1920 census for Matthew, you know what Family History is like, you never stop looking!

31-01-18, 07:21
Which FS directories were you looking at? I didn't see a sign that the ones that I linked had been scanned and indexed - it was Houghton, MI. It might be on Fold3 - I don't have a sub for that.

In an ideal world, you'd find him in the desired census ;)
Second best would be to find him in a directory for ~1910, and then search the 1910 census for that city. And pray that the city is small.

The 1920 census page that Janet found was for Rockland Township, Ontonagon Co, MI. If you go directly to 1910 census on FS, leave the name fields blank, and put in Rockland Twp, you should be able to page back and forth?
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:33S7-9RNL-JKQ?i=27&wc=QZZQ-7WK%3A133637101%2C141250501%2C134511401%2C15890923 66%3Fcc%3D1727033&cc=1727033
Image number is towards upper left corner - just go back and forth with it. But you don't even know if he was there.

There are two big subscription archives of US newspapers - genealogybank and newspaperarchives (?think that's right) - and lots of little ones, some are even free. The ones that are included with a US ancestry sub are the really big name newspapers - NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Trib and ??? Washington DC?? Something like that. I looked around a bit and didn't see anything obvious - I went to Wikipedia &/or wiki.familysearch.org and looked up a place. Oftentimes they'll have the local library and maybe even the name of the local newspaper - google that.

You know where Matthew died - that's the place most likely to have an obit. Google the public library for that town or county and see if they have a genealogy section. Sometimes they'll do the leg work for you - sometimes it's already done and they'll send if you ask. If not the public library, then the local genealogy or historical society.

toby blight
31-01-18, 09:29
Thanks for all the info, looks as if I have some "homework" to do!

31-01-18, 11:38
some states did census every 5 years. is this one of those states? do they have electoral registers in that time period?

toby blight
01-02-18, 00:27
Thanks, I found Michigan Census 1884- 1894 online but nothing there. Could not find any info on historical electoral rolls, perhaps Forum members might know?

01-02-18, 04:58
Thanks, I found Michigan Census 1884- 1894 online but nothing there. Could not find any info on historical electoral rolls, perhaps Forum members might know?

Well this site says they did them till 1904, but don't say where to find 1904:
"Michigan State census were taken every ten years starting 1854 to 1904 and conducted a partial census in 1837, 1845 and 1888."
Still, with the US 1890 census gone, the 1888 is sweet.

Hmm, Ancestry has the 1904, but apparently it's only a summary of the population.


I think most states stopped with their own state censuses before 1900 - if they ever did them at all. I think I remember one or two NY state censuses in the 1900s.

toby blight
01-02-18, 08:16
I think that I will have to forget about finding Matthew in 1910, it is not that important. I tried to find his father,James, born 1840, death. He and family were in Houghton, Mich. in 1880, wife Elizabeth died in 1884, stated in her will as "widow" so James died between 1880 and 1884, do you think that I can find this guy, no sir! Time I left the Nettells and got on with something else! I have a lot of info on Matthews sister,Lydia, her marriage, children etc so thats good.
Thanks for your help.