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21-08-16, 19:07
wedding 1919 ,
joseph whitehead married ethel gibbs,
possibly temple balsall or solihull warwickshire ,
joseph was 41 ethel was 43
had son born 1920 named joseph also.
trying to find wedding need to know where it took place and witnesses.
thank you for any help.

Elizabeth Herts
21-08-16, 19:24
You could look something like this up yourself, Megan, by using the free site FreeBMD.

http://www.freebmd.org.uk/cgi/search.pl?start=1919&end=1919&sq=3&eq=3&type=Marriages&vol=6d&pgno=2079&db=bmd_1470077884&jsexec=1&mono=0&v=MTQ3MTgwMzY5Mjo2OTY3MmJiZmY3ZTkyNTg3MjViNzRmZjMw ZWRjYTY5M2Q0NTEyZmU2&searchdef=db%3Dbmd_1470077884%26surname%3DGibbs%26 start%3D1918%26sq%3D1%26type%3DMarriages%26given%3 DEthel%26end%3D1921%26eq%3D4&action=Find

They married in the Warwick registration district in the 3rd quarter of 1919.
Using the references given, you can order the certificate.

22-08-16, 07:35
thank you

22-08-16, 07:39
i had the free bmd .i dont want the certificate as i only need the witness es. and wondered if someone going to the records office or library could have looked for me . i am 70 years old on a very limited income and do not ned the full certificate. but thank you for pointing tis out to me.

Elaine ..Spain
22-08-16, 07:50
To find the entry in the parish registers you would need to know the church where the marriage took place. I would imagine there are quite a few in Solihull!

If the marriage was in Temple Balsall then you might find the OPC (Online Parish Clerk) may be able to help - there is an email link on this page

23-08-16, 14:59
thank you very much

HTSCF Fareham
23-09-18, 19:41
There is a Joseph Whitehead marrying Ethel A Gibbs, third quarter 1919 at Warwick. If this sounds correct, then you will probably need to order the certificate online from the General Records Office (Currently £9.25 per certificate). You will need to register (free) with them, then use this link to order the certificate https://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/app_select.asp

The other information that you will need is as follows:-District: Warwick, County: Warwickshire, Volume 6D, Page 2079. When entering the details, I would advise only entering one surname and one forename. There are other mandatory fields which you will need the above data.

I cannot think of an easier or cheaper option.

HTSCF Fareham