View Full Version : does she beat the oldest age record

Val wish Id never started
19-08-16, 22:04
Gender Female
Age 999
Occupation None
Departure year 1935
Departure day 5
Departure month 11
Departure port Southampton
Destination port Quebec
Destination Quebec
Country Canada
Destination country Canada

Janet H.
19-08-16, 22:07
:rotfl: :rotfl:

Janet in Yorkshire
19-08-16, 22:16
Love it Val :rotfl:


Val wish Id never started
20-08-16, 00:39
she must have had good genes?;)

Jill on the A272
20-08-16, 10:56
Hope she made it to 1000, that would be some party ;)

Sylvia C
20-08-16, 20:33

Val wish Id never started
20-08-16, 21:50
actually the occupation bit got me , as if she would still be working at that age :rolleyes: