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Cath RJ
13-08-16, 13:56
I'll be very grateful if someone can open up the 1939 register for Sarah E Johnston, living at 7 Mereland Road, Blackpool. I did an address search and there are 2 houses listed as no.7. I believe the one I need is the second in the list.
Thanks very much.

13-08-16, 14:37
9 Mereland Road , Blackpool C.B., Lancashire, England (not 7)
Ref: RG101/4259C/006/36 Letter Code
Sarah E Johnston b 15 Jan 1878 widowed Unpaid Domestic Dut
Florence W Johnston b 01 Feb 1901 married Unpaid Domestic Dut

There is a Sarah E Johnson at 7 Terence Road

What birth date were you expecting?

Cath RJ
13-08-16, 15:18
Thanks Kat. That's who we've been looking for.