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10-08-16, 19:10
Does anyone know if it's possible to find who else is in a grave ? I have Abraham Evans buried 28/7/1899 at St Pancras cemetery Camden . I have his grave reference , certificate number 5521, grave 14 -T14. I am sure there will be other family in the grave but I've spent all afternoon trying to work out how to find out short of going to London ! Very grateful if anyone could advise me .


Lin Fisher
10-08-16, 19:27
Just looked at Deceased on Line but that only gives the burial register. The ones I have been looking up in Nottingham have let me look to see who is in the graves as well. Some really surprising combinations of families.

Is the cemetery council owned as they might be able to help you or maybe the local archives. If he had a headstone perhaps someone has recorded all of them and they would have any other family on as well.

Not sure what else you can do.

10-08-16, 19:38
Thanks Lin
I would think it might be council owned but I'm not sure . We have a stonemasons receipt for work on 2 family graves in 1925 . One is Abrahams and the other is grave reference certificate number 4993 and grave ref 147-W-6. We don't know who is in that one at all and I can't find anywhere to search by grave ref and cemetery alone !


Lin Fisher
10-08-16, 20:01
Just had another thought. I live in Ilkeston a small town in Derbyshire. About 3 weeks ago I went to an open event at our local cemetery and the local history society and friends of the cemetery had a list of all the headstones and references where they were so that is another thought but perhaps London is too big a place for there to be local history societies or a family history society.

Obviously there was a headstone as you have the stonemasons receipt

Good luck

Chrissie Smiff
10-08-16, 20:40
I have twice e-mailed a cemetery to ask if it would be possible to get the details of who was buried in a grave and they have both kindly replied very quickly with the details. You could try doing the same. This page should help -

10-08-16, 22:32
Thanks Lin and Chrissie . I'll try the cemetery phone number and keep my fingers crossed .