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02-08-16, 20:33
Could anyone remind me how to search a census collection by address only . I'm sure I've done it before but I can't narrow down the search for some reason so I'm getting millions of results and I do mean that literally ! I just want to know who lived in my great grandparents house before they lived there in the early 1900's. I've recently found out their house was already there in 1795 and I always thought it was Victorian ! Thanks in advance

Val wish Id never started
02-08-16, 22:04
I did not know you could do that on ancestry

03-08-16, 07:09
I don't know about searching by address only but if you know the details for your grandparents records eg. parish and enumeration district you should be able to browse the relevant years using that as a start point. The first page of any enumeration district is always a description of what streets are included so you would need to look at each of those to find the right start point and then scroll throguh the pages to find the address you seek.

bear in mind though that over time addresses have changed and the amount of detail was very much less in 1841 than it is now. For example the village where I used to live simply has a list of names for 1841 with very few actual houses being identified - it was only in later years that house names and streets with numbers started to be used.


03-08-16, 08:07
Thanks Vallee and Margaret , I thought I'd done it on Ancestry but now I'm wondering if it was Find my past on one of their free weekends . I'll try the browsing the district first , it's pouring with rain here so I may have some time to kill !


03-08-16, 09:23
There is a method that may shorten your search if you have the family on another census.

Look at the neighbours, and search for them on the census in question; there is a chance they could still be at the same address which will get you to an image for somewhere in the neighbourhood, reducing the number of images you have to browse through.

03-08-16, 10:59
I think you do this in a round about way on ancestry. You must pick the year and also pick the Scotland or England or whatever section first. Then choose the town. If there is no address field you can put the street name in the keyword box. I have had success with this sometimes but not others.

07-08-16, 09:08
Thanks Pete and Galloway . I'll have a go at that . I don't mind browsing through but 15000000 was a bit too much !

07-08-16, 12:37
Shame it can't be done easily. It could be very interesting.

07-08-16, 12:45
Hi congletonian, I can search the Census by Address, let me know the detail and which Census and I will see what I can do.


07-08-16, 13:26
Can you put that method on here please Robert?

07-08-16, 14:59
Hi Katarzyna, It is not on Ancestry, and I cant say where for obvious reasons, but I will do a look up if any body wants it.


07-08-16, 15:18
Hi Katarzyna, It is not on Ancestry, and I cant say where for obvious reasons, but I will do a look up if any body wants it.


You need to take care that you are not breaking the Terms and Conditions of any sites you offer lookups for.

07-08-16, 15:31
Hi Katarzyna, It is not on Ancestry, and I cant say where for obvious reasons, but I will do a look up if any body wants it.


Ahh! Not Ancestry then. Wish someone would come up with a method :)

Night Owl
07-08-16, 17:10
As far as I'm aware only 1881 and 1911 have an option to search by road name in the keyword box on Ancestry. You can find some other years here

http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/+/http://yourarchives.nationalarchives.gov.uk/index.php?title=Your_Archives:Historical_Streets_P roject