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25-07-16, 17:07

Starting looking at part of my family tree again and appear to have hit another brick wall. My great granddad who has caused me numerous research problems ;) has finally being found in Listonel Kerry Ireland, but his mum has now taken his place in being illusive to find details about, i.e. parents etc, her name was Elizabeth Fitzmaurice Spratt, so any information found gratefully received. Thanks

25-07-16, 21:04
I think we need a few more details Rob. What did you find out about your Great Grandad - name, date of birth and where, marriage etc? Do you have his fathers name and details. Is Elizabeth Spratt her married or maiden name?

25-07-16, 22:54
I do not know his fathers name as far as I am aware the father is unknown, so I am not sure if she was married, he was born 14 May 1880 in Kerry Ireland so I assume Spratt would be her maiden name as I cannot find a an other name for her. From what I understand a large number of Irish records were destroyed in a fire but some did survive. The Spratt side of my family have been very difficult to track down - or perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.

25-07-16, 23:24
Who was born 14 May 1880 I assume in Listonel Kerry Ireland? Name?

26-07-16, 08:04
Yes Kat that's right sorry should have mentioned that last night��