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Janet in Yorkshire
15-07-16, 23:55
Are these available online and, if so, can anyone give me a link please?

I'm trying to find out if Arthur Abel (born England 1882) who emigrated to Canada & served with the CEF from 1915 until his death at the Somme in 1916 was awarded the British war & Victory medals.

I have his service record and the info about the circumstances of his death, but am missing info about medals.


Elaine ..Spain
16-07-16, 07:29
I think the medal card usually appears within the service record images - but there doesn't appear to be one for Arthur although there is a mention for his eligibility for the 1914-15 Star.

Not sure if you have seen this link which explains the criteria for medal awards

Elaine ..Spain
16-07-16, 07:30
Just checked one of mine and the medal card (as per the example in the link) is included in the service record.

Janet in Yorkshire
16-07-16, 09:59
Thanks Elaine - I wondered if that was the case. So, it seems like the card is probably "lost." :(

I'll put a note to that effect in my book of remembrance, and add a memo that there is mention of his entitlement to the star and that he would have qualified for the War and Victory medals too.


Val wish Id never started
16-07-16, 11:45
I believe you can claim unclaimed war medals from the MOD ?

Janet in Yorkshire
16-07-16, 14:39
Thanks Val.

Not sure whether or not it would be the MOD if he lived in Canada and fought with the Canadians???
His medals (if entitled to any) may well have been despatched to England to his father (his financial effects certainly were - enough to buy, or assist in buying, a house!) It's the medal index card which seems to have gone missing. His youngest sister still lived at home with the father, so anything there was would have eventually gone to her. She married but had no children - so it would have been up to a range of nephews and nieces to sort out her estate. One great-niece has passed on a photo of Arthur which was originally in the possession of her grandmother - another sister of Arthur.


Val wish Id never started
16-07-16, 20:18
have you looked in the soldiers wills ?? maybe he is in there

Val wish Id never started
16-07-16, 20:20
wonder if this is him

Val wish Id never started
16-07-16, 21:12
ignore that dont know what I was thinking