View Full Version : Missing in 1939

Val wish Id never started
04-06-16, 20:24
Have tried all I can think of and this woman is missing she did die in Dec 1939 but as the census was taken in September would have thought she'd be there,she was married to a Soldier who was stationed in Twickenham at the time, cannot find him either.
Any ideas thanks

Joy Dean
04-06-16, 20:48
The soldier would not be in the 1939 Register unfortunately. Do you want to give the lady's details so we can have a search?

Val wish Id never started
04-06-16, 21:06
he was in the isle of wight at the time so assumed he would be on it ? I will pm you if thats okay

Night Owl
04-06-16, 21:34
Have you found her yet Val? If not, I don't mind having a look too

Joy Dean
04-06-16, 21:38
Found her :)

Val wish Id never started
04-06-16, 21:51
hi Jackie thanks a lot for offering but Joy found her, surname was mispelt.

Night Owl
04-06-16, 22:58
No problem :)