View Full Version : death in antony, cornwall

19-05-16, 05:15
if i was looking for a death in antony, cornwall between 1861-71, would it it be under truro reg district?

Night Owl
19-05-16, 05:35
Apparently its St Germans. I use this site to find registration districts. Once you find the place, click on Jurisdictions in the pop up box


Anne in Carlisle
19-05-16, 07:47
They have lists on FreeBmd too. When you search the index and get results you can click on the name of the registration district and it opens another page with all the parishes listed.

brentor boy
19-05-16, 07:54
The Cornwall OPC database lists many burials in Antony during that period. (Sorry, I do not have the skill to give you the link)

19-05-16, 08:14
Here's the burials search page for Cornwall opc: http://www.cornwall-opc-database.org/search-database/burials/