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Chris in Sussex
30-04-16, 16:24
From The Red Cross Facebook page...

"We've put our archive of more than 244,000 personnel index cards from World War One on our website.
Now you can search for your family’s records, and discover what Red Cross volunteers were doing in your local area 100 years ago"


Jill on the A272
30-04-16, 18:29
Thankyou Chris, I've already spotted my granddad's maiden aunt as a volunteer.

01-05-16, 11:20
Thank you Chris, had a look but sadly found no one in my family.


03-05-16, 23:11
Found my grandmother(my avatar) and great aunt . What a great resource . I have photographs of them in nurses uniform from the time but it's lovely to see their information cards . Thanks for putting that on . Made my day !

05-05-16, 15:50
Thanks, that's a nice resource to know about.

Chrissie Smiff
05-05-16, 16:45
I just thought I would mention that the reason we haven't taken the link for the Reference Library is because it's already there - under WW1.
As many of you seem to be finding this one useful perhaps there might be other links in the Reference Library of use for you?

Bo the Bodger
08-05-16, 10:59
Sadly I can't find my Gt Grandmother on the list - I know she was in the Red Cross (as a masseuse) & I have a photo of her in her uniform

08-05-16, 15:53
It's odd isn't it Bo . My other great aunt Elizabeth Andrews was also in the Red Cross with her sisters and I too have a photo of the 3 of them with all the nurses from the hospital outside the hospital building but weirdly her record card isn't listed . Very strange .

11-05-16, 11:27
you might want to try

its a bit hit and miss on the searching - i just used the surname and scrolled down the pages for my great aunt.