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Loopy Linda in La La Land
30-04-16, 14:24
I knew that Grandad's brother fought in WW! for the NZ Army (not sure why) he collected a pension for life from NZ. My Uncle remembers that.

Knew that he came home early 20's because he lived with Granddad, Nan and my Mum and her siblings.

They said he had a fearful temper and they were all frightened of him and in the end Granddad barred him from the house.

What nobody seemed to know was that he married to a Frances Elizabeth in NZ and was petitioned for divorce fairly quickly. Decree Nisi report in a NZ paper says 'In the 2 years 'they' knew him they never knew him to be sober'.

He came home shortly after that and lived with Nan and Granddad

On 1939 Register in states that he was/is married.

What a story to tell my Auntie (his niece, 88) when she comes from her holidays tomorrow!!!

Wonder how I can find a marriage in NZ???


30-04-16, 14:40
Wonder how I can find a marriage in NZ???