View Full Version : Ancestry Hints gone mad

Val wish Id never started
24-04-16, 19:17

Can anybody spot the difference ?:rolleyes:

25-04-16, 00:32
They are testing your sense of humour Val or they are bonkers! Sue

Val wish Id never started
25-04-16, 00:37
that's ridiculous isn't it ? how on earth can that be a hint:question: think I might tell them about it

25-04-16, 02:38
I have been looking at the hints lately. Not got any howlers like that but some can be very tempting. I nearly went down to wrong path.


Val wish Id never started
25-04-16, 12:50
just dont get why they would think thats a hint ?

25-04-16, 14:38
just dont get why they would think thats a hint ?

There's obviously something wrong with their matching programme!
I have had it before and as you have identified there is nothing to connect the record with your tree.


Val wish Id never started
25-04-16, 15:45
hyer Margaret I have had quite a few bad hints but this is by far the worst

Chrissie Smiff
26-04-16, 09:32
I have to say that although I have had hints that were way out I actually love them. I have found several things from them that wouldn have taken me ages to find otherwise. Especially mis-transcriptions/marriages etc. There is also a facility to click 'This is not my family', so that it doesn't pop up again and if you click 'This is my family' it gives you the option to add it to your tree.

Anne in Carlisle
26-04-16, 12:45
I would just like to be able to use the appropriate ones .... yet AGAIN I have the message
"Some tree features are temporarily unavailable. During this time you may not be able to add new information to your tree. Thanks for your patience while we resolve this issue. Go back Retry"

Looked on Facebook as advised by Caroline but nothing there to explain the continued poor website performance. Giving up for today :(

Chrissie Smiff
26-04-16, 15:57
When I get that sign come up Anne I just go straight back and try again and it has always worked the second time.

Anne in Carlisle
26-04-16, 16:33
Well, it wasn't playing this morning this morning! I tried several times from different ways in but nothing doing. Grrrrrr!

26-04-16, 21:20
I had one which gave the child's mother as one year old when she was born, and the father 0. (or visa versa)
Either way it's all clever stuff! :o

Val wish Id never started
26-04-16, 21:50
its certainly messing about a lot lately ,keep getting the message my tree isn't available or whatever.