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23-04-16, 21:56
Hi guys, is anyone up for a little challenge? I could never find the death of my 4th Great Grandfather William Phillips but a friend did. They had found he was in Durham Asylum or Winterton if you prefer. They found him in the UK, Lunacy Patients Admission Registers, 1846-1912 (http://search.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=9051) admission date being 23rd Jan 1862 with a death of July 6th 1862. William was born 14th Nov 1893 in Bishop Middleham so surely he would be 68 and not the 36 that Durham Records seem to have on their site. Or have we got the wrong guy completely?

23-04-16, 22:05
if he was born in 1893 how could he be alive in 1862?

23-04-16, 22:08
Sorry it was meant to be 1793.

23-04-16, 22:12
where was William born please Sarah?

23-04-16, 22:17
Bishop Middleham to William Phillips & Jane Eggleston

23-04-16, 22:22
and what census do you have William in please

23-04-16, 22:25
41 - 61

41- married to Ann Dixon, in St Oswald Parish of Durham
51- same place
61- Crossgate this time.

23-04-16, 22:37
and this one isn't him? you are sure?


Name: William Phillips
Estimated birth year: abt 1793
Registration Year: 1867
Registration Quarter: Apr-May-Jun
Age at Death: 74
Registration district: Durham
Inferred County: Durham
Volume: 10a
Page: 185

23-04-16, 22:39
I suspect you have this too?

Name: William Phillips Or Eggleston
Gender: Male
Baptism Date: 14 Nov 1793
Baptism Place: Bishop Middleham,Durham,England
Father: William Phillips
Mother: Jane Eggleston


23-04-16, 22:41
gonna have to get to bed Sarah, i'll look in tomorrow x

23-04-16, 22:48
I've never came across that one myself, I got the Stockton mention and I know once it used to apply to a larger area than it does now. I think what started it was the paper mill that he apparently owned with his cousin. We found a mention of the cousin as Bankrupt but never could find William at all, probably why we were so sure the Asylum was him.
Burials, Stockton District
Record Number: 707903.2
Location: Sedgefield
Church: St. Edmund the Bishop
Denomination: Anglican
10 Jul 1862 William Phillips, of [the] County Asylum, age: 36, buried at Beacon Lane Cemetery

24-04-16, 00:02
I don't think the Asylum record or death is for your William. The transcription on Durham Records Online gives a dob of about 1826 which you have already noted

At the time of the 1861 Census William and Ann were living in Crossgate, Durham which is a Durham reg. In the 1871 Census Ann is Widowed and still living in Crossgate.

More likely to be the one Julie put up for 1867 which a dob of 1793.


24-04-16, 12:09
I didn't see the year 1826 and although I do have a William Phillips born in 1826 it isn't him either as he died in 1876.

Thank you to the both of you for helping this frazzled brain :)