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18-04-16, 04:26
Would anyone have access to DEVON records.
We are wanting an image or the details from the marriage of Thomas HADDON to Sarah PEPPEREL, 20th April, 1800 CULMSTOCK, DEVON, ENGLAND. Denomination Anglican.
We are trying to establish the parents of Thomas HADDON.
Thank you.

Elaine ..Spain
18-04-16, 07:19
It's very unlikely that the parents will be named on a marriage entry in 1800. If you don't get any response here then it might be worth contacting the Devon Online Parish Clerk website to see if they can help. The web address is as follows, although I've just tried it and it appears to be offline at the moment, hopefully a temporary glitch.

19-04-16, 02:18
Thank you Elaine.
I realised after I posted that parents most likely wouldn’t be mentioned.
Thank you.

19-04-16, 02:19
Thread completed.