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Chrissie Smiff
13-04-16, 09:48
I have a great grandmother whose birth I don't think was ever registered (she isn't the one registered in 1847 in Barnsley). Somebody though did once find me a baptism for her that gave the name of her mother as well her father, which I added to my tree on Ancestry under facts. Since the Ancestry changes though it appears to have disappeared and I can't find it anywhere. I think they may have found it on Family Search but I have looked to no avail and I have to log off shortly.

She was Millicent T Heaps Baptism 28th June 1846 at Laughton En Le Morthen. Her father was William but her mother's first name may have been listed as anything vaguely like Lignum Vita/Liquonite etc etc and her surname as either Revil/Revill/Ruell or Boswell. I can find things that list her father but I can't find the one that someone once found for me with her mothers name.

13-04-16, 09:54
Found her on Family Search listed as Millie Tranaunt Heaps

scroll down to the 17th (I think) entry on page

Chrissie Smiff
13-04-16, 10:05
Gosh, that was quick, thank you SO much Judith:) I had tried just Heaps 1846 in Laughton en le Morthen with father William but it didn't come up for me.

Chrissie Smiff
13-04-16, 10:22
I have suddenly realised that I have lost something else with the changes too. At some point I found (not on Ancestry, probably Family Search as well) something that gave me her mothers parents as Josias Boswell and Hannah Believe Revill (yes honestly, you have to see it to Believe it :D), but I can't find that either. I don't think I ever found a marriage for those two either.

13-04-16, 10:41
Perhaps you found this entry - a possible sister of Lignum Vita, though this doesn't give Hannah's other names so there must be another entry lurking somewhere.
https://familysearch.org/search/record/results?count=20&query=%2Bsurname%3Aboswell~%20%2Bbirth_year%3A1816-1830~%20%2Bfather_givenname%3Ajosias~%20%2Bfather_ surname%3Aboswell~%20%2Bmother_surname%3Arevill~

Chrissie Smiff
13-04-16, 10:52
Yes, thank you Judith, I do have the children - Snow Alley - Millitrana - and Caroline. Somewhere though I found the details with the mothers name. I suppose it must have been a marriage or something because all the baptisms just say Hannah.

13-04-16, 11:59
The baptism is here -


Chrissie Smiff
13-04-16, 19:51
Thank you Audrey:) It's funny to see how many different variations they can find for her mothers name:)

19-04-16, 12:33
here we go Chris, did a search and found the old thread with lots of bits and details in.


Chrissie Smiff
19-04-16, 19:57
Oh thank you Julie:) I shall have fun reading through that lot:) Just had a quick look and have decided to go through it slowly when I have more time tomorrow, as there are things that I might understand better now.. I can't believe though how far my research has come since then, OR how much is still missing.