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Val wish Id never started
02-04-16, 23:38
17951 what does it say above one of the witnesses Louis Isaacs thanks, its in a Synagogue in case that helps

03-04-16, 00:48
(Sinca) Oppenheim for. Best I cam come up with Val.

Val wish Id never started
03-04-16, 01:16
thanks Grumpy I wonder who or what it means , hope you are okay ? going to bed now its getting late.:)

Richard in Perth
03-04-16, 08:15
"Simon Oppenheim, Scy" (Scy is presumably short for Secretary?)

Edit: is this post on Rootsweb relevent?: http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/BRITISH-JEWRY/2005-02/1108715561

Val wish Id never started
03-04-16, 17:20
how interesting Richard so Simon Oppenheim was The Great Synagogue's Secretary, thanks for that link shall be delving into it further