View Full Version : Aunties certificate stash!

31-03-16, 22:19
I was talking to my Dads youngest sister and told her of my family history search and how i had got loads of stuff off my Mum's side but very little from Dad's. My aunt said she had a parcel of family certificates and photo's that belongs to the family and promptly invited me to go and have a look at them, with a view me keeping them, as no one else is interested in them.
As you can guess, I can hardly wait to see what there is.:)

Janet in Yorkshire
01-04-16, 00:36
Oh my, green with envy! You are going to have FUN.


Val wish Id never started
01-04-16, 00:49
snot fair ooh I do envy you :)

Jill on the A272
01-04-16, 08:36
Oh for a relative as generous as yours! Enjoy the treasure trove.

01-04-16, 09:15
WOW.. enjoy your find! and I hope that it gives you some clues and solves some puzzles :)

01-04-16, 09:57

Chrissie Smiff
01-04-16, 10:23
It's so exciting isn't it:) I hope there are lots of treats for you.

01-04-16, 10:34
You are soooooooooooo lucky .... hope you enjoy lots of new discoveries.