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Jill on the A272
15-02-16, 21:58
Opinions please on the folio number for the probate of Thomas Edward Compton. There isn't one on the Ancestry probates, but it's there on the government site


Elaine ..Spain
15-02-16, 22:08
I think I would go with a rather poorly written 8 - 1810 - but it's a guess!

Jill on the A272
15-02-16, 22:16
I'm still dithering between 1910 and 1810, there's room for a "?" in the box on the order form.

Val wish Id never started
15-02-16, 22:24
I'd leave it see what happens I have had a few wills and not put a folio number ,they will soon let you know if its definitely needed, just make sure you put the other info exactly

Jill on the A272
15-02-16, 22:32
I've ordered it Val and put 1910 (?) in the box. When I used to go up to London and heave the ledgers about in the Holborn search room it was much easier (though hard work), the folio numbers were in red ink and I used to use their one hour service.

Jill on the A272
15-02-16, 22:39
This man was a soldier and spent much of his life out of the country, he married in South Africa and was also in India. Yesterday I found he had a daughter bapt in Guildford, Surrey in 1896, May Evangeline Anne Cloete Compton, born goodness knows where as I cannot find another trace, so I thought the will worth getting. There's a rather nice house in Lindfield, Sussex called Nash House where his grandparents lived - his grandmother was related to my husbands family.

Val wish Id never started
16-02-16, 00:15
I got a will today I only ordered a few days ago they are really quick sometimes, hope yours is.

Jill on the A272
16-02-16, 10:27
Thanks Val, the last one I ordered came in well before the date I was expecting, and it was amazing, around 40 bequests and 7 codicils. Wish they were all that good!

Val wish Id never started
16-02-16, 19:14
that sounds really interesting ,they do often help a lot with other members of the family such as who they married etc.
Meant to say I had a look for your May Evangeline last night but no luck

16-02-16, 21:32
I've never entered a folio number when I've ordered Wills and they've arrived with no problem. Must say it's a vast improvement on the service we had before!

Val wish Id never started
16-02-16, 23:33
it wonderful isn't it ? if only all the records were that quick .

Jill on the A272
22-02-16, 23:28
The will popped into my inbox regardless of whatever the correct folio number was, and he named another daughter by her married name - Susan Renee Gay-Roberts which has opened up another avenue of research. She lived in South Africa, married Edmund Lionel Gay-Roberts (1881 Exmouth Devon-1945 Jo'burg S Africa), but died here in 1963 and had a son who died in WW2 and a daughter with initial M born c1914.

Jill on the A272
22-02-16, 23:47
Familysearch has their children's bapts at St Dunstan's Cathedral Jo'berg so I'm well pleased.

Val wish Id never started
23-02-16, 00:06
glad you got it okay Jill they are so useful.