View Full Version : What is this Military Medal/Pin??

16-01-16, 14:34
Hi all

In with my grandad's medals, I have found this pin and am not sure what it is, any ideas?
Apologies for the poor image - it has the letters B****QUE I think along the bottom. I will try and get a better picture soon.



Anne in Carlisle
16-01-16, 19:32
Umm ... I think it might represent a grenade?

16-01-16, 19:53
How come, Anne?

Night Owl
16-01-16, 22:25
I'm with Anne. I also think the word might be Ubique

If you do a Google search for grenade Ubique and then look at images you'll see loads that look similar

Scroll down on this page to the section called Grenade Badges and it explains the difference between 7 and 9 flames. Your picture isn't very clear but I think it has 7 flames


Chrissie Smiff
16-01-16, 22:40
Do you have any idea what regiment he may have been in? Could it have been one of the Fusiliers or Royal Regiment of Artillery and the Corps of Royal Engineers ? Their badges look very similar.

Could the word be Ubique? - This site may help? -

Chrissie Smiff
16-01-16, 22:49
Snap Jackie:) I was so busy Googling that I replied before seeing your post:)

Chrissie Smiff
16-01-16, 22:53
See this page, they are almost identical - http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/ubique-badge

17-01-16, 21:36
Thank you! Grandad was in the Royal Field Artillery - I will check what regiment and get back to you.


15-09-17, 20:23
There is a website called the Great War Forum (or similar) online - they seem to know a lot about uniforms etc and I am pretty sure I have seen the full uniform on that site. If you cant find it, there is also the website Rootschat - they have a military section also. Sue

08-12-17, 15:09
Flaming bomb, artillery. Which Unit? Unknown.