View Full Version : Certificate for an Elsie M Criddle

24-12-15, 14:08
I have come across a certificate dated June 1914 from the Royal Drawing Society for an Elsie M Criddle. Have found her in the 1911 census living in Banwell, Somerset aged 5 years old. Would love to return this to her family.

Chrissie Smiff
24-12-15, 15:52
If a tree on Ancestry is correct Trish they have her as not marrying until 1953 and no children. So it would have to be children of her brothers or sister.

Chrissie Smiff
24-12-15, 15:56
Her brother Harry Edward James Criddle married in Weston and had two girls and a boy. They were born between 1941 and 1953, so a good chance that they are still alive.

24-12-15, 19:22
Thanks, Chrissie. Have contacted several people on Ancestry who have her in their tree but no reply as yet.