View Full Version : Brother and Sister dying of breast cancer

Val wish Id never started
23-12-15, 22:37
I thought I'd go back over some of my lot and see what new records I could find , quite surprised to find death certs for a brother in 1921 and his sister in 1938 both dying of breast cancer? seeing as its rare for men seems very strange.

Chrissie Smiff
23-12-15, 22:46
Could possibly have been a gene problem?

Val wish Id never started
23-12-15, 22:54
I suppose so Chrissie ,I am trying to find their mothers death to see what she died of, but not had a lot of luck.

Chrissie Smiff
23-12-15, 22:56
If she could still be alive you can PM me if you like? Two heads and all that:) It would be tomorrow now though, as I'm just off for an hours TV before bed.

Olde Crone Holden
23-12-15, 23:08
Isn't it BRC-A1 which is the gene-type for inherited breast cancer? If so, it's no stranger than two sisters dying of breast cancer.


Val wish Id never started
24-12-15, 00:35
I suppose so OC ,just surprised me as that's the first time I have seen that on a death cert for one of my men rellies.
Chrissie no she would have died she was born in 1834

Olde Crone Holden
24-12-15, 01:16
No, I got that the wrong way round - it's BRCA-2 which is inherited and if a man has BRCA-2 and develops breast cancer, his sisters are 30% more likely to get breast cancer than if either their sister or their mother has breast cancer.

But breast cancer in men can also be caused (or triggered) by alcoholism, obesity, exposure to radiation or exposure to oestrogen. It doesn't normally develop in men until they are in their 60s. That type of breast cancer isn't the hereditary type.


24-12-15, 01:23
My Brother ran a business and his wife had breast cancer for the second time and sadly passed away, next door to his vehicle repair business were two men running a car repair business and both men had met in Hospital both had breast cancer, this was the first time we both had ever heard of men with breast cancer, it was never heard of, this was about ten years ago.


Val wish Id never started
24-12-15, 01:36
Thanks OC I had heard of being overweight can make you more susceptible .
I wonder Edna if those men breathed in something bad in the Garages? its certainly not a healthy atmosphere