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15-12-15, 14:25
Absolutely gutted, wrote this yesterday and forgot to post before I closed down my computer!!:p

My 5x great grandparents Thomas Lakin (spelt Layking on the marriage cert) and Jane Urry married in 1825 in Portsmouth. He is listed as batchelor and she is a spinster. He also has RMA after his name which I presume is Royal Marine Atillery and explains why he goes from Staffordshire to Portsmouth, however I cant find any reference to his records or enlistment. Jane is listed as "of this parish" and I cant read the witness signatures

My 4x great grandmother Mary Lakin was born in 1822 also in Portsmouth (as per census' from 1851 onwards), however I am unable to find any baptism for a Lakin or Urry in Hampshire around that time.

In 1841 Jane is listed as being 30 and born out of the county of Staffordshire and Mary is 15 and born out of county also. So if the 1841 is to be believed, Jane was born in 1811 and Mary born in 1826 (fits nicely with the marriage!). The next child was born in 1828

If 1811 is the true DOB then that would have made her 14 when she married and 11 when she had Mary, however when she dies in 1849 her age is listed as 40 giving her DOB of 1809 and again only 16 when she married.

I have found a few baptisms in 1809 in Godshill on IOW for a Jane Urry, and I have searched for anything happening in St Thomas' where they got married to see if any other Urry's had occasions happened there and found nothing.

So I have no idea who is the true parent of Mary, was she from both parents or just one?

Is there anything I can look for that might narrow down who Mary and Jane were?

There aren't any children who have specific names that would match the parents of any of the Jane Urry baptisms

15-12-15, 14:36
Ages of those aged 15 years and up in the 1841 census are rounded down to the nearest 5 years - so if Jane is listed as 30 she was actually between 30-34, giving a birth year of around 1807 -1811, and Mary is 15-19, so born about 1822-26. Some enumerators did ignore the instructions and showed "true" ages for everyone, but that is quite easy to spot by looking at the other entries on the page.

So Jane could have been 16-18 or so when she married and still fit with the age on the census.

Was the marriage by banns or by licence ?

15-12-15, 14:59
Here are a few baptisms from Familysearch


15-12-15, 15:20
marriage was by Banns. Thanks Edna, those are the ones I have already looked at

Elizabeth Herts
15-12-15, 17:33
Robyne, I saw your previous thread:

Did you investigate the 1823 Corfu birth?

Elizabeth Herts
15-12-15, 17:34
First name(s) MARY
Last name LAKING
Birth year 1823
Country GREECE
Record source GRO Regimental Birth Indices Supplement (1761 to 1924)
Volume R.A.23
Page 17
Record set British nationals armed forces births 1761-2005
Category Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records

16-12-15, 16:09
ooh no I didn't. Can you tell me where you got that record from?

16-12-15, 16:15
That thread is obviously me but I don't remember it at all!

Elizabeth Herts
16-12-15, 20:17
It's on FMP under Armed Forces Births, Robyne.


Elizabeth Herts
16-12-15, 20:22

There appear to be a Robert and George too.

17-12-15, 00:01
I did find this one not too far from Burton, even if it only to discount it I thought I would run it by everyone

Staffordshire baptisms Transcription

First name(s) Mary Ann
Last name Lakin
Baptism year 1829
Baptism date 07 Jun 1829
Baptism place Alrewas, All Saints
Denomination Anglican
Father's first name(s) Thomas
Mother's first name(s) Jane Beddoes
County Staffordshire
Country England
Archive reference D783/1/1/4
Page 121
Register type Baptism
Record set Staffordshire baptisms

Then I found it as


I can see the others in Burton don't have the middle name so still having a look

17-12-15, 14:16
I have ordered the cert but not sure if this is going to be the one now, having seen the other Lakin(g) births. In the 1841 census of my family there is no Robert Lakin born 1829 but there is a Thomas Lakin born 1828. Will have a hunt though to see what I can find out about Robert.

I also saw the Beddoes one, but dismissed it because of the Beddoes surname

The Robert Lakin they mention appears to have been born in Derbyshire to John and Mary, along with a Mary Ann