View Full Version : Edward Algernon Reeves in 1911

Jill on the A272
12-12-15, 21:44
I can't find him in 1911, he was born 1869 in Bath. He had married there in 1908 and his wife died there in 1910, there may have been a son, an Albert Edward Reeves was born in Bath in 1910.

Can anyone spot him please?

Elaine ..Spain
12-12-15, 21:54
Transcribed on Ancestry as Rewes
Class: RG14; Piece: 14728; Schedule Number: 267

12-12-15, 21:55
He is in Batheaston? on Familysearch https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:X7RL-DYF


Jill on the A272
12-12-15, 22:08
Ah, thank you both. Seems I was wrong about the death of his wife though.

Jill on the A272
12-12-15, 22:38
Well, I was right originally about the death of his wife, (Alice Grace Reeves in 1910). The woman he's living with, Mabel Caroline was not his wife, they say they've been married for 2 years but they didn't marry. She died in 1921 and Edward was granted admon, he died in 1943 then there was a further grant to his next wife Ada (whom he'd actually married in London in 1928) in 1944.