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29-11-15, 20:43
Hi, I am desperately seeking someone who is going to Kew to look up a 1748 document for me. Not sure what it is written on or what script might need interpreting, so might need photographing. If anyone can do this, please contact Peter direct *email address removed* and I will send details

Thanks in advance


Jill on the A272
29-11-15, 21:33
Peter, welcome to the forum, I have removed your email address in line with forum policy, anyone who can help will be able to contact you via private message.

Elizabeth Herts
29-11-15, 21:36
Peter, it might be helpful if you post the document details (title and ref. no.) here because we might be able to advise you what to expect.

30-11-15, 00:37
Doc is C11/1256/17 Williams v Williams dated 1738
Plaintiffs John Williams gent of Tenby Pembs (son and heir of Griffith Williams esq late of Tenby who was brother and heir of John Williams esq late of tenby who was son and heir of Thomas Williams esq late of Gumfreston, Pembs.
Defendants: Richard Howell snr, Richard Howell jnr, Buckler Williams, Ardin Bardin and his wife Martha, Francis Evans and Alice Evans his wife, William Hopkins and Henry Llewelling.

I know who all the people are, just trying to sort out the relationship between the plaintiff and the defendants and I think this is going to join two big trees for me. I assume it is a property dispute.

I also need C11/1359/26 dated 1740 Again Williams v Williams
Plaintiff John Williams gent, Defendants Howell Williams, Richard Williams snr and others.

Still trying to work out why I ever started researching Williams in South Wales!


30-11-15, 00:38
Martha Bardin and Alice Evans were sisters, needless to say their name was Williams