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24-11-15, 10:46
Hi. Can anyone give me some guidance on what may have led to this. I have a Page of entries from Brook Street Baptist Chapel Derby, 1789-1808. All of the entries are by the same Minister and all in the format " Alice Daughter of John and Alice Holmes " ; for example, with the exception of the two I am interested in which are stated as " Ann Bradbury Daughter of William and Ann Robinson" and "Elizabeth Bradbury Daughter of William and Ann Robinson" the entries are two years apart with " Normal" entries between them.
My query is what possible circumstances may have led to the entries in this format. Any guidance would be appreciated.
Regards. Rick Massey

24-11-15, 10:55
I would suggest that Bradbury is being used as an additional first name ... as in "Ann Bradbury ROBINSON".

A nearby chapel (Soresby St, Chesterfied) has a baptism in 1828 where the father is named as Josiah Bradbury ROBINSON, so it may be a family using that naming tradition in the area.

(in fact, based on his baptism in 1798 he may well be the elder brother of Ann and Elizabeth)

Janet in Yorkshire
24-11-15, 12:18
Would totally agree with Antony. At baptism, only forenames (Christian names) are given and recorded - the family name (surname) is used to identify which particular set of parents.


24-11-15, 13:44
As Janet says - baptism entries rarely (if ever) give the child a surname - they only give surname(s) for the parents. Indeed, birth certificates also do not have any surname shown for a child until fairly recently (1969 I think).

24-11-15, 15:14
I have done a search on Familysearch of names with Bradbury for first or middle name and Robinson for surname in Derby so here is the link you can check them for yourself

https://familysearch.org/search/record/results?count=20&query=%2Bgivenname%3Abradbury~%20%2Bsurname%3Arobi nson~%20%2Bbirth_place%3A%22Brook%20Street%20Chape l%2C%20Derby%22~ click on this link


27-11-15, 21:59
Thanks to all for the help ~ makes things much clearer. Rgds. Rick