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10-11-15, 15:15
I wonder if anyone can help me - there is a probable solution which is simple BUT a) don't know what it is and b) haven't a clue how to use the "clever stuff" on the computer. Typing is my only skill!

I was given a photo of my father's wife. I added it to "my photos" and uploaded it to my Tree. The picture disappeared - I reloaded and it happened again - never so it go!

I tried to upload it today and it is no longer a the correct sort of file that ancestry will accept - it had become a ?rtl file - I copied it and resaved it and it promptly became a pdf file - I have scanned my computer - there are no bugs. What on earth has gone wrong. More importantly, how can I put in right and upload this picture to my photos in a form that can be added to my ancestry tree.

Perplexed and ignorant .............Sue

10-11-15, 15:34
Please Ignore the Above ................ something extremely odd going on - there are now 2 good pictures of her in "my pictures" - not sure yet what type of document they are .............just looked - one is a jpeg. I must have gremlins!

Val wish Id never started
17-11-15, 22:32
glad you sorted it odd things happen to my photos now and then.:confused:

02-01-16, 10:32
rtf is a Rich Text File it is a larger file than a jpg you may have hit on the wrong file to save it


02-01-16, 15:14
Thanks to all who have replied - am still completely mystified but at least I still have the picture! Sue

03-01-16, 13:37
You need to manually change the extension to .jpg or something similar, so it is a visual format. A photo should not be in .rtf or .pdf - if it is, it won't be visible.

03-01-16, 15:27
Thanks to all - I think I need a new computer but they never seem to last long!
Spilt cuppa has not helped this one - however, my lack of knowledge doesn't help. Sue