View Full Version : Photographs: Kind benefactor with surplus credit for FMP 1939 National ID card site

07-11-15, 21:58
Dear nice person. Here are my grandparents:

http://i1079.photobucket.com/albums/w518/HappyBunny26/alburn_zpsaajwhqjt.jpg (http://s1079.photobucket.com/user/HappyBunny26/media/alburn_zpsaajwhqjt.jpg.html)

Site link:


Yes, that's the transcriber's interpretation of Allum!

Thank you for looking


09-11-15, 12:56
I don't think anyone will have any surplus credits as each one generates a cost of several pounds and you only get a small discount for multiple of 5 households.

09-11-15, 13:00
Think 'Familycat' has someone checking out this record at TNA tomorrow.

alan 128
18-11-15, 10:48
There are quite a few transcription errors Allison Street has been transcribed as Absin St,Abson St and Abseu St have sent a request to amend records

Elaine ..Spain
18-11-15, 11:30
Familycat, if someone has responded to this request via private message, could you please let us know so that no one wastes valuable credits on something which has already been done.

26-11-15, 21:42
Sorry Elaine
I lost this thread when I came to look for it again and thought it had been deleated
Yes, kind person helped me.
Thank You
If you want to delete this thread., I won't mind.