View Full Version : WW1 Army discharge code "Para 392 (iii) (k) AR"?

06-11-15, 15:17
Hi all
Would this be mental health or not physically able to continue training?
Thanks in anticipation

06-11-15, 16:33
Para 392 iii - Not being likely to become an efficient soldier

Cannot find a sub-section k however, only a - f

(a) Recruit rejected both by medical officer and approving officer
(b) Recruit passed by medical officer, but rejected by a recruiting officer stationed away from the headquarters of the recruiting area, or by approving officer
(c ) Recruit within three months of enlistment considered unfit for service
(cc) Recruits with more than three months service considered unfit for further military service
(d) Recruit who after having undergone a course of physical training is recommended by an examining board to be discharged, or in the case of a mounted corps is unable to ride
(e) Soldier of local battalion abroad considered unlikely to become efficient
(f) Boy, who, on reaching 18 years of age, is considered to be physically unfit for the ranks

06-11-15, 16:46
Thanks dermotdjt. I'll re-examine document now I know categories