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30-10-15, 15:20
In 1852 Edwin Pitcher born 1831 Gloucestershire, parents Sarah and Jonah Pitcher, went to Australia traveling from Liverpool to Port Phillip Sidney. The ship was known as the "fever ship" as so many died. But I believe Edwin survived.

In the same year a newspaper article appeared


[near the top of third column from left]

NOTICE.-Should this meet the eye of EDWIN
PITCHER, native of Thornbury, Gloucestershire,
landed in Melbourne on the 22 nd day of December, 1852,
from the ship Ticonderago, he will hear of something to his
advantage by writing to his Uncle ORLANDO VAISEY,
Clarence Town, Williams River, New South Wales"

What I am now looking for is the family connection.

Orlando married Harriet Smith in 1839 back in Bristol, and Edwin's mother was called Sarah Smith.

Were they sisters? Sarah's parents were called William and Mary and I did find a daughter called Harriet with parents of the same name but in another article Harriet died in 1881 parents Thomas and Sabrina.

Am I looking at the correct Orlando and Harriet or have I got them mixed up.

Any help would be appreciated.


30-10-15, 20:45
You are not correct about the dates. The newspaper article appeared 6 years after he arrived in Australia. If Orlando was his uncle one wonders why he has not previously contacted him, after arriving in a strange country.

30-10-15, 21:26
The marriage has father as William Smith, have you delved into Richard R. Banks mentioned as son in law? It was the only other relative I could find in the articles.

Orlando from death in the paper...Trove... would be c1809. Orlando and family arrived 1856


31-10-15, 07:12
Yes, I find these 2 families confusing. Will have to give it a rest and try again later. Thanks for your replies. Yes realised I had the wrong year.


04-11-15, 22:36
Found the Banks-Vaisey marriage


Richard Jones Banks to Mary Smith, eldest daughter of Orlando Vaisey

04-11-15, 22:47
Should have written Mary Smith Vaisey really as I added Richard's surname, was confusing myself for a minute!

04-11-15, 23:42
Have you got 1841 for Orlando

HO107/348/10/15 North Nibley

Elizabeth Smith 30
/Mary Smith 75
Mary Organ 5
Orlanda Veysey 30
//Hanat Veysey 30

Sarah is as North Nibley 1861 and there is an Elizabeth Smith marriage witness so trying to chase Elizabeth to see what pops up