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05-10-15, 07:56
Hi everyone,

I live in Australia and would appreciated if some kind person would visit the National Archive in Kew and look up the 1804 Pay Muster for the 1/71st Regiment of Foot Ref: WO 12/7854 and look up the pay period 25th April to 24th May 1804.

My 5th Grand-father Cornelius Bonner was recruited into the British Army on the 22 May 1804 in Ireland under Captain Paley’s Company as a Private. He is recorded in the pay period of the 25th June to 24th July 1804 as recruited by Lieutenant Murray from Captain Forbes’s Company.

Need someone to look up the pay period 25th April to 24th May 1804 under Captain Forbes’s Company and see where Lieutenant Murray was recruiting. I would like a photo digital copy of this.

My ancestor remained in South America in 1806 and died in Uruguay in 1861. Therefore he never received the pension so unable to find out his place of birth in Ireland. By knowing the place he was recruited might give me a head start.

In return I can look up records here in Queensland, Australia.

Any help is much appreciated.

22-10-15, 10:37
It might be worth contacting the Regimental Museum in Glasgow if you haven't already done so. They might have some info on Lt Murray and his recruiting area.

It's now the Regimental Headquarters of the Royal Highland Fusiliers - 518 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3LW
Tel: 0141 332 5639 - EMAIL regsec@rhf.org.uk

23-10-15, 09:54
Hi JBee,

Yes, I agree with you that's another option to get information from the Glasgow Museum. I have already send them two emails one in late September and another early October this year. I am still waiting for a reply. Due to the time differences with Australia and UK it has been difficult to contact them by phone but will try to make up some time next week to call them.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.


23-10-15, 10:39
It is a very small museum and only a few people iirc - so may take some time for a reply.

http://www.scottishmilitaryarticles.org.uk/smhsarticle_account3.htm - interesting composition of Regiment.

I've got a cap badge of the 71st whether genuine or replica - I don't care lol.

However have you seen pictures of the uniforms?


24-10-15, 01:59
Hi Jbee,

Yes I believe it's a small museum, many years ago I contact them via email and got a reply quickly then so not sure what is happening now. I will let you know how I went getting in touch with them fingers cross someone answers the phone.

How awesome having the cap badge of the 71st what matters is having one and knowing what it looks like.

Yes I have seen various uniform of the 71st and have read the following books:

The Waters of Oblivion by Ian Fletcher which is about the British Invasion of the Rio De La Plata 1806-1807. I also have read the Spanish book by Roberto L. Elissalde Historias Ignoradas de las Invasiones Inglesas which translate to Ignore History of the British Invasion which is how this was war is known in Argentina and Uruguay not much is written about it in England. Both books have illustration images of the 71st Uniform.

I am still to get my hands on the book written by Ben Hughes "The British invasion of the River Plate 1806-1807" which I believe has more information from both sides England and Argentina.

Thanks again.


24-10-15, 10:41
I've started a thread on the 71st Regiment of Foot in Research - someone else is researching them too.

25-10-15, 02:28
Hi JBee

That's great already and I found it.

Will make further comments there.