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04-10-15, 15:54
I have had, since my aunt died, the above object in a cabinet which I look at now again and wonder why I am keeping it. Anyone who sees it is intrigued and has never seen one like that before. Looks as though the front is some kind of copper.
First of all ............ it is old and it was my aunts (she was born 1904)
Secondly ............. she probably inherited it from someone else in the family so I ought to keep it.
WOW - a few days ago I was showing it to a visitor and after she had finished looking at it I took it back and in the light I could see that on the back there had been a label - quite large and it had been taken off - looking even more closely, I could see the name "Anderson" plus I am pretty sure I could see the name Rose and possibly Charlotte.
These were my Aunts, Aunts!
I would love to read what it all says although I think it is just names - would ultra violet light do it or does that have to be shone through from behind (this cannot be done because it is metal at the front).
I wondered about taking a gentle rubbing.
Any advice please. Sue

07-10-15, 18:21
Hi Sue,

Try photographing and in a graphics programme, in effects try going from positive to negative. Works well on hand-written documents.



07-10-15, 18:41
Many thanks Kiltpin (from the Highlands of Fenland!).
I will give that a go - not too skilled myself but husband ?may be. Sue

09-12-15, 11:08
if you take a photo and post it onsite here then maybe one of us can have a go at reading it Sue

09-12-15, 11:27
Hi Julie, Many thanks.
I would love to be able to do as you suggest BUT neither OH or myself have a phone that will take photos.
Daughters with up-to-date phones (that appear to also sing and dance) are awaited - it has been suggested (on here) that I take the photo as a negative to see what it reveals - can you do that on an ordinary Camera? It is very difficult to see - at times I think I am imagining something is written there!
Added to the above, since changing to firefox I am having trouble with finding and downloading piccies! (In fact I haven't managed it once so far).
Suspect I have passed my "sell-by date".

09-12-15, 13:11
Hi Sue,

you can use an ordinary camera to take photos of it and then upload them to the site via Photobucket then we can see about getting it in negative with a photo editing program :)

09-12-15, 15:32
Hi Julie, Will try ............ BUT have never successfully negotiated Photobucket and have tried many times - seemed to be a bug or something on it.
I also have a slight problem since changing to Firefox in that I cannot seem to upload photos but will experiment with this further since I now know they are being stored in Win7. Sue

Chrissie Smiff
12-12-15, 10:05
Posted for Sue -

http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l250/Chrissie_023/SUE%20FTF%20to%20post%20-card-1_zpsven6pttm.jpg (http://s98.photobucket.com/user/Chrissie_023/media/SUE%20FTF%20to%20post%20-card-1_zpsven6pttm.jpg.html)

The back -
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l250/Chrissie_023/566664c1-5945-4e5f-951f-b3953099b4fe_zps970smnf4.jpg (http://s98.photobucket.com/user/Chrissie_023/media/566664c1-5945-4e5f-951f-b3953099b4fe_zps970smnf4.jpg.html)

12-12-15, 16:34
Many thanks Chrissie - doesn't in all honesty look as though it will be possible to get anything off that! Worth a try however.