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24-09-15, 07:01
Can anyone please tidy up this scanned marriage information and tell me what it says, tho I know its Richard Puddy of this Parish (a young man) and Elizabeth Gilling of the same (a young woman) were married in the Church by ...... on the ... day of July one thousand eight hundred and ...................... H. Williams, Minister.

This marriage was solemnized between us in the person of D. Davis, .... (signed by Richard Puddy and the mark x of Elizabeth Gilling.

Is the year 1809?

Oops - where do you attach a document?

Elaine ..Spain
24-09-15, 07:23
Jood - if you want to add images to this section of the site you need to use an external site such as Photobucket. If you want help deciphering a marriage entry then it might be better on the Family History research section.

Not sure if this transcription helps you at all - taken from FreeReg
County Somerset
Place Mark
Church name - St Mark
Register entry number 632
Marriage date - 13 Jul 1809
Groom - Richard PUDDY - young man
Groom's parish - Mark
Bride Elizabeth GILLING - young woman
Bride's parish - Mark
Witness1 - D DAVIES
Witness2 - Grace TUTTON

24-09-15, 07:50
Thanks so much Elaine - so much easier than trying to read the record. I'll just see if someone can clean it up a bit first, tho I have my doubts.

http://i935.photobucket.com/albums/ad193/joody_anne/Richard%20Puddy%20amp%20Elizabeth%20Gilling%2018.j pg

Anne in Carlisle
24-09-15, 08:16
The page heading and the other marriages all say 1809.

24-09-15, 08:32
Thanks Anne :)

24-09-15, 10:40
Looks to me as though the marriage was with licence, rather than banns

24-09-15, 11:45
Without sounding too dumb MacBev - what does it mean - to get married by licence as opposed to banns?

And how are you by the way?

24-09-15, 12:34
The most usual way to marry was to have banns declared in the church for three weeks before the wedding. I believe it was necessary for bride and/or groom to reside in that parish during that time....purchasing a license from a bishop allowed the parties to dispense with having banns proclaimed...useful if you wanted an immediate wedding.


24-09-15, 22:32
Thanks MacBev

alan 128
25-09-15, 08:44
not sure this is any better
http://i254.photobucket.com/albums/hh105/alan2002/Richard%20Puddy%20amp%20Elizabeth%20Gilling%2018a. jpg (http://s254.photobucket.com/user/alan2002/media/Richard%20Puddy%20amp%20Elizabeth%20Gilling%2018a. jpg.html)

25-09-15, 13:13
Thanks Alan - you have done a great job - I am very grateful.