View Full Version : Cemetery: Halifax Yorkshire

April Shower
10-09-15, 06:53
I am trying to find out if there is a headstone on my Great Grandmothers Grave. I have the grave number and also a map showing where the grave is, but I can't get to Halifax. Could anyone have a look for me if they are going there please? It is Stoney Royd Cemetery.


09-12-15, 20:01
Calderdale FHS are currently transcribing burial records for Stoney Royd Cemetery.
So far there are 2 CDs (& 2 more in the pipeline):
Stoney Royd Burial Register – CD1 – 1861 to 1892 – cost £5.00 (or download price £4.50)
Stoney Royd Burial Register – CD2 – 1892 to 1914 – cost £5.00 (or download price £4.50)

But no MIs - it's a large cemetery so would be a mammoth task.
I might get to visit the cemetery sometime in 2016 & would be happy to have a hunt if/when I do. I have relatives buried there too & so far have failed to find their grave(s).