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04-09-15, 18:11
I am retired so i have time to myself, so if anyone would like a Grave looked up in my area i would be only to please to help. The area is Harlow in Essex and surrounding Villages.

05-09-15, 23:10
John -
You might consider being a findagrave volunteer. Looks like there's two outstanding requests in your area

Sometimes volunteers don't wait for a request, they just start "reading" a cemetery. Findagrave now has a transcription system - the old days of going to take the photo and then creating the memorial page, etc was a lot of labor.

Another useful site is billiongraves.com. If you take the photo with its GPS coordinates (e.g., on an iPhone), they'll take care of everything once you upload to their site:

Blessings to all cemetery volunteers! I've benefited so much from many random acts of kindness! :good:

08-09-15, 11:37
Ok thanks for that