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30-08-15, 01:56
My ancestry.com membership has expired and I am wondering if someone could attach the images of any "James Joseph Cunningham" (might be a few) born in between 1917 and 1919....might be a few matches and might show up under just James Cunningham as well in Ancestry`s Philadelphia Death Cert database. I know this is not alot to go on but I think the matches might be manageable. James is my new found grandfather who I have been trying to learn the fate of...he is not in the SSDI and so if he is not in here then he might just be alive......but just nearing 100, which is unlikely.

Thanks in advance!

30-08-15, 11:39
There is only one person with the full name b 1917-1919 in FMP and he was born in Canada and arrived in New York in 1945.

30-08-15, 15:47
As I understand it, the last time JJ was seen was 1941. There was that really big war that happened shortly thereafter, and he was a prime age for enlistment or drafting. Enlistment records are almost useless. Unless you have a very unusual name, there's almost no way to tie them to a specific person. And I'm not at all certain about locating anyone on US casualty lists.

Many people did not have social security numbers, and therefore did not appear on the SSDI! If he had a government job, for example, he would not have been required
"Initially, only employees working in covered employment and aged 64 or younger were eligible to obtain an SSN"
I have a great-aunt who didn't have a SSN until she was in her 80s when her husband died, and she needed to file for her own benefits.

And I've tried to find obits in Philadelphia...no success. Familysearch has several Philadelphia and Pennsylvania record sets.

30-08-15, 15:49
And another thought: if he served in WWII (likely, given his age), he may well have settled somewhere else after the war, especially if he served his 20 - he may have married someone he met along the way, and settled where she lived.

Needle in the haystack.

31-08-15, 11:14
Could he be this James Joseph Cunningham

born 7th July 1918 at Wilkes Barre Pa, Lucerne County and married to Florence Eleanor

if so pm me your email addy and I'll forward it.

01-09-15, 12:14
Schube says this isn't the one.

Shame as he's in the US Air Force in 1941 and is killed over the Atlantic in 1943.

I can't find any births for James Cunningham or James Joseph Cunningham born 1917-1919 in Philadelphia County. In fact none for 10 year period.

Need more info for family to find in the 1930 and 1940 census's.

01-09-15, 12:35
In 1940 census there's only 8 born in Pennsylvania 1917-1919

James A Cunningham abt 1917 Philadelphia - relative Anna F
James F Cunningham jnr abt 1917 Philadelphia- relatives J.F, Elizabeth and M
James Cunningham abt 1919 Greenwood, Columbia, Pennsylvania - relatives Wm H and Sarah
James Cunningham abt 1918 Pittsburgh, Allegheny Pennsylvania - relative Ethel
James W Cunningham abt 1917 Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania - relative William H & Cora
James Cunningham abt 1918 Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania - relative Martin & Priscilla - that's the one I thought most likely.
James Cunningham abt 1918 Georges, Fayette, Pennsylvania - relative Charles & Sadie
James Cunningham abt 1918 - relative Helen

01-09-15, 13:13
In 1930 census there's more but have expanded to 1916-1920

The census puts where they were living in 1930 but born in Pennsylvania

James Cunningham abt 1916 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - no relatives
James A Cunningham abt 1917 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - John T & Anna F
James L Cunningham abt 1919 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Patrich
James Cunningham abt 1917 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - James & Elizabeth
James Cunningham abt 1911? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Mary
James M Cunningham abt 1916 Walker, Juniata, Pennsylvania - John H & Estella C
James Cunningham abt 1919 Georges, Fayette, Pennsylvania - Ross & Sarah
James Cunningham abt 1919 Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennslylvania - James & Mary
James Cunningham abt 1920 Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania - Peter & Bertha
James Cunningham abt 1919 Stonycreek, Cambria, Pennsylvania - Wade & Sarah
James B Cunningham abt 1920 Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania - James B & Phoebe C
James Cunningham abt 1917 Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania - Charles & Sadie
James Cunningham abt 1919 Donora, Washington, Pennsylvania - John & Harriet
James Cunningham abt 1919 Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania - Joseph & Mary
James H Cunningham abt 1917 Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania - Martin T & Priscilla - perhaps not given the additional initial.
James Cunningham abt 1917 North Catasagqua, Northampton, Pennsylvania - James & Catherine
James W Cunningham abt 1916 Wayne, Lawrence, Pennsylvania - Clyde & Alice R
James K Cunningham abt 1918 Mount Wolf, York, Pennsylvania - James F, Elizabeth & F
James W Cunningham abt 1917 Butler, Butler, Pennsylvaia - William H & Cora
James V Cunningham abt 1920 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. - Edward & Mary - He was born in England.

James Cunningham abt 1916 Sheriden, Chatauqua, New York - born Pennsylvania
James Cunningham abt 1917 Warren Trumbull, Ohio - Samuel - born Pennsylvania.

Nothing for James Joseph Cunningham.

01-09-15, 13:26
Think we need to sort out which ones are the most likely before we look for a death - as there's a lot of deaths for James Cunningham's in Pennsylvania.

01-09-15, 18:32
I haven't searched thoroughly, but I think the only time you've told us where he was born was in the very first thread, and stated that he was born in Philadelphia county.

Please confirm - is that from the birth certificate of your mother? Specifically, how is the field labelled, and what does it say in it?

Olde Crone Holden
01-09-15, 18:37

From the various threads on Ancestry, Schube does not have a copy of her mother's birth certificate and only knows what she has been told by another relative.


01-09-15, 21:23
In the link that I gave, Schube said,
" From my mother`s birth certificate, I know his name was name removed AGED 23 (AS OF JANUARY 29, 1941) BORN IN PHILADELPHIA COUNTY."
That sounds to me like Schube had retrieved the BC...

Olde Crone Holden
01-09-15, 21:42

http://boards.ancestry.co.uk/localities.northam.usa.states.pennsylvania.countie s.philadelphia/10244/mb.ashx

Of course, Schube may have now obtained a proper copy.