View Full Version : Just a reminder - FreeReg2

Janet in Yorkshire
27-08-15, 12:55
If you haven't used it already, do have a little play with the new FreeReg format.

I think the search options and results are clearer and easier to use. It now displays brides as well as grooms and it is this version that will have the regular data updates.

Last night it yielded the marriage of my 6xgt grandparents, at last giving me the maiden surname of the bride and so a new line to explore. On another line it came up with a possible bp for a 4xgt grandmother. Her youngest son was named Nicholas, a "new" name for this branch of the family, and the father in the possible bp was Nicholas - I also discovered the probable siblings of my ancestress and the probable marriage of the parents. I knew where she had married and had checked the parish registers to no avail, and also the registers of parishes round about. Had widened my sweep, but not far enough in one direction!

These were Norfolk searches. I find FreeReg particularly good for Norfolk.


Bo the Bodger
27-08-15, 23:05
I agree Janet - Norfolk is very well served as is Lincolnshire -