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25-08-15, 00:30
http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n282/katgr/photos%20for%20photoshop/th_8fc7e006-2f82-4c32-a626-d04be89b766e_zpsqmrdbpr6.jpg (http://s115.photobucket.com/user/katgr/media/photos%20for%20photoshop/8fc7e006-2f82-4c32-a626-d04be89b766e_zpsqmrdbpr6.jpg.html)

I'm not sure what someone has done to this photo re the bricks! - It was sent to me a long time ago and want to add it to my tree.
I wonder if the bricks could be removed and replaced with some sort of plainish background.


alan 128
25-08-15, 11:32
is there anyway you can rescan this photo its too small to work on it becomes pixilated

recan at least 600/1200 dpi and in colour even though its black and white

thanks Alan

25-08-15, 17:02
It is a scan -I don't have the original.
I thought this might be a problem when I saw we could only upload from photobucket on this thread now.
I can open this in photoshop at full size and zoom in perfectly well and erase all the bricks - it's just that I'm not that good at it and don't know how to add a different background. Never mind and thanks for looking.

25-08-15, 17:21
http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n282/katgr/th_8fc7e006-2f82-4c32-a626-d04be89b766e_zpstbmxwgit.jpg (http://s115.photobucket.com/user/katgr/media/8fc7e006-2f82-4c32-a626-d04be89b766e_zpstbmxwgit.jpg.html)

As you can see when the bricks have been removed it is so dark.

Chrissie Smiff
25-08-15, 21:11
Aren't the bricks originally there Kat? When it opens up in Photobucket I think it looks rather nice with the bricks.

25-08-15, 23:38
If you look closely Chris you will see the bricks are not lined up correctly. It looks like two pictures joined together :)

26-08-15, 08:49
It looks to me as if three photos have been combined to make one.
The main photo being the foreground the group four (2 females and 2 young men) on the right plus the children & dog in the front row.
A second contains the three adults on the left with the third being the individual young man in the centre.

The reason I think this is partly due to the tones/contrast and partly due to the three different angles of brick course.

I would also add that to remove the background brickwork would be to compound the fraudulent nature of the photo, unless a warning was added into the photo that it had been adapted.
The advent of Photoshop, etc. is creating a problem in family history by making dating difficult (due to introduced colourized photos and whitewashing history by removing or adding individuals to photos and “group” photos).

Many complain about erroneous connections in online trees but blindly ignore the, at the best confusion and at worst falsification of evidence due to manipulated photos.


Olde Crone Holden
26-08-15, 09:54
I can see Guy's point. I remember on this forum some years ago, someone posted a photo of their relative, which had been sent to them by a contact. We quickly established that it was a fraud and quite a poorly done one too. One wonders why on earth anyone would want to bother.


26-08-15, 10:25
Luckily, Guy, I do have other individual and children group photos for this family so not worried about the possibility that this isn't an authentic family group no matter how contrived.
The gate and window are in exactly the correct place (I know the house).
Because of the way they are grouped, I think they are two photos taken at the same session that have been put together because of some sort of damage to the two.
However, I appreciate your concern and agree one has to be wary of scans if you don't have the originals to back them up.