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Janet in Yorkshire
24-08-15, 15:25
We (Jeff Scratch & Patch & myself) are hunting down information about two? Cunningham boys, Herbert and Edgar, apparent sons of Charles Cunningham and his wife Mary E Robinson.
(previous thread about Charles Eugene Cunningham eldest brother of Herbert & Edgar.)

Our dilemma
We have a birth record for Edgar Cunningham, born 26 Dec 1878 at Chatham, Kent, Ontario, Son of Charles Cunningham& Mary Elizabeth Robinson

but nothing else, no death, census appearance in parental home, marriage.

We do have census records showing a son Herbert in the family home, but NO bp or birth
1881 aged 5 http://data2.collectionscanada.gc.ca/e/e329/e008207954.jpg
1891 aged 14, apprentice baker http://data2.collectionscanada.gc.ca/1891/jpg/30953_148175-00276.jpg
1901 can’t find him

1909 marriage - 24 Jul 1909 at Toronto, York, Ontario Herbert Cunningham Age: 36 Birth Year (Estimated): 1873 Son of Charles Cunningham & Mary Elizt Robertson
Married Julia Mcuen Age: 40 Birth Year (Estimated): 1869 Daughter of William Mcuen & Mary Barrett

1911 can’t find OUR couple I think the following is for a different pair

1914 death 26 Aug 1914 at Toronto, York, Ontario Herbert Cunningham Age: 41 Birth Year (Estimated): 1873 Son of Chas. Cunningham & Mary Robinson

I wonder if Edgar & Herbert could be the same?? (rounded his age up slightly when marrying) whilst Jeff thinks there were probably two boys. He has searched resources in his local library but cannot find a death or burial for baby Edgar nor a birth for Herbert.
Opinions and help, please.


Janet in Yorkshire
24-08-15, 15:55
Wonder if this could be our couple in 1911?


Can't find them on Library & Archives Canada though (it's very picky) & don't have Ancestry WW so would appreciate a look up for details of Herbert's return.


24-08-15, 18:33
I can't spot anything Jay, :)

Janet in Yorkshire
24-08-15, 18:37
Thanks for looking DS


24-08-15, 20:42
Found the 1911 transcription and record

Name: Julian Burdg with Heabert born USA
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 42
Birth Date: Nov 1868
Birth Place: Ontario
Relation to Head of House: Wife

Spouse's Name: Heabert Burdg
Race or Tribe: Irish....says English
Province: Ontario
District: Toronto Centre
District Number: 124
Sub-District: 30 - Ward four
Sub-District Number: 30
Place of Habitation: 19 St Patrick Sq

24-08-15, 20:53
So teamster marriage and I think labourer 1911

Name: Heabert Burdg
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 38
Birth Date: Aug 1871
Birth Place: United States of America

forgot the link:D


24-08-15, 21:17
Same address as death cert, just looked


Janet in Yorkshire
24-08-15, 21:50
Elaine, you're a superstar - thankyou so much.
I have now managed to call up the image on Library & Archives Canada - it could be clearer, but is quite definitely Cunningham & not Burgd. How on earth someone came up with that transcription I have no idea;D
The occupation given on his 1914 death registration is teamster, aged 41, so it all fits very nicely.

Do you have any thoughts on Edgar? With the birth registration date of 1878, Jeff thinks Edgar was a child born after Herbert.
I think that Herbert could have bigged up his age to be more in keeping with the age of Julia - marriage, 1911 census and death all tally. in which case, he could have been Edgar Herbert or Herbert Edgar.

We haven't found a marriage for the parents, but they had
Charles Eugene c1872
Laura Maud Sept 1874

Ada Dec 1880
Harry Aug 1884
Ethel May c1886
Aleda c 1887

So there was a big enough gap between Laura and Ada for 2 children. I originally thought there was Herbert c 1776 followed by Edgar in 1878. But it seems very odd that there should be no corresponding death registration for baby Ernest. Jeff has investigated deaths at the library and also looked at burial records to no avail.
Edgar was born on 26 Dec 1878 & registered on 22 January 1879.
Another possibility is that an error was made in the recording of his death (presumably before 1881 census) - spelling error of surname, or mis-recorded with mother's surname, name of informant. However, I'm not sure that I can search within those parameters on familysearch.org


ETA - thanks for address check :good:

24-08-15, 21:57
You must have been reading my mind, I was calculating and wondering from all this, he could have put December and not August so am leaning to 2 boys and have searched to no avail to prove it:question:

Just glad he was living with Julian:rotfl:

Janet in Yorkshire
24-08-15, 22:04
You must have been reading my mind, I was calculating and wondering from all this, he could have put December and not August so am leaning to 2 boys and have searched to no avail to prove it:question:

Just glad he was living with Julian:rotfl:

Well, it seems it was a childless marriage!

At the end of the day, these people are mere twigs on the edge of my tree and it doesn't really matter (much closer relations for Jeff) but it's maddening when you just can't find the record to tie up the ends and prove there were two boys. That little niggle is always there.


Janet in Yorkshire
24-08-15, 22:21
Just tried a blanket search on familysearch.org for Edgar (blank) born 1878 - 1879 died 1879 - 1881, but no joy:bad:
Also nothing for a child of Mary Robinson within those dates.


25-08-15, 22:02
I did exactly the same:D

Janet in Yorkshire
25-08-15, 22:21
Thanks for trying Elaine. It's difficult to know what to think - perhaps some records get lost even though a data set is supposed to be complete and on-line; then, of course, there's data that hasn't yet been put on line, or has been mis-transcribed and doesn't appear to be online, because we haven't got the indexed parameters.:question: