View Full Version : Death in 1963 at Coliseum Bus Station Blackpool Graham Birch age 81

12-08-15, 21:16
Pleas can anyone help me locate any news report about Graham Birch from Salford Manchester who died at the Coliseum Bus Station Blackpool on 24th September 1963 He was 81 years old. He may have been on holiday as his Will gives his home address as Salford which is where he came from. There could be something in Blackpool news or Salford News. Have tried to find but no luck yet. Many Thanks Pam

13-08-15, 17:00

Janet in Yorkshire
13-08-15, 17:21
I don't think there are many newspapers online for that decade. They're more likely to be on film at the library in the area local to the event.
You could try an e-mail to both Salford and Blackpool libraries - as you have a fairly specific date, they may be willing to do a short look up for you in the local rag.


Christine in Herts
13-08-15, 18:58
It might also be worth a try on this part of the Forum: