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21-07-15, 15:38
I am in the local library twice a month(ish) if you need me to do a lookups, please message me for dates.

21-11-15, 09:59
Would it be possible to look up a death & coroners report don't know which paper it would be in, in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I have the death certificate for William Marshall age 61yrs a labourer who drowned in the River Tyne on the 5th Sept 1917 near number 64 shop Mess's Armstrong-Whitworth & Kay's?, his home add was 5 St Martins Court Newcastle Upon Tyne.
I have searched the British Newspaper site to no avail, this mans son also William Marshall (sergeant) died in WW1 just 15 days later on the 20th Sept 1917 age just 35yrs buried in Ypres, his father a widower obviously living with the son's family as the same address 5 St Martins Court on the CWGC site.
It would be very much appreciated as I live in Lancashire and not able to get to Newcastle this is my husbands maternal Grt Grandfather, thank you in advance.

22-11-15, 00:47
I can look in the local papers, drop me an email at admin@familyhistory4beginners.com, so I don't forget

22-11-15, 09:40
Will do ASAP thank you.